Why Buying A Home In Southwest Florida Today Is A Smart Move For Tomorrow

Port Charlotte Florida Waterfront Condos Make A Strong Investment

Now is the best time to buy a home in Southwest Florida! Yes, that's quite a bold statement to be sure, but accurate none the less. Historically it is a very smart time to buy a home here on the Gulf Coast of Florida; the mortgage interest rates are still low, the economy is thriving, and let's not forget the fact that Florida is an income-tax free state. All of these factors, and more, create what is a true "perfect storm" of opportunity for buyers.

Trulia, Forbes, MLS, and The Florida Realtor Association, along with other real estate research firms*, study and analyze streams of data, and create monthly and yearly reports. These reports show consistent increases in both the valuation and sale prices in the Florida real estate market. Condos in particular, show an 11% increase in sale price in 2018, vs the same time frame in 2017, while the inventory of available condos continues on a downward trek, decreasing more than 7.5% in the same period. With the upward trajectory of condos prices, and downward trend of available condos, making a decision to purchase today is a smart investment strategy that will pay off tomorrow. 

Let's dive a bit deeper into the market, and look at Florida waterfront, since waterfront living is a dream for many buyers, especially those with an affinity for the outdoor lifestyle. Finding affordable waterfront condos, in the SWFL real estate market, can be tricky waters to navigate for sure. One of the reasons for the dearth in this area of the market, is the lack of affordable, and properly zoned, waterfront land that is available for development. This shortage plays a key role in keeping the price and value of waterfront real estate on the rise. When you add that factor with the high percentage of decreasing available waterfront condos in the market, you have conditions to keep those home prices going up.  

Now, lets shed some much needed light into that search for your dream waterfront home --- (cue in the sunshine) Harborside El Jobean Beach and Yacht Club. Harborside El Jobean is built on a piece of stunning waterfront property on the picturesque Charlotte Harbor, here in Port Charlotte, Fl. We are taking what is one of the last remaining pieces of build-able waterfront land, and transforming it into a breathtaking community filled with high-quality and affordable waterfront condos and Key West inspired villas. 

Our condos and villas include many features and design elements that have built-in added value,including high-level grade quartz countertops, zero degree sliding doors, and porcelain tile. These elements along with the high-quality building materials, and the stunning waterfront location, all work to ensure you are getting high value from your investment that will increase over time.

Talk with one of our on-site realtors who can provide you with more details on why buying a condo or villa at Harborside El Jobean today, is a smart investment that will yield increases tomorrow.

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*Compiled with data from various national, local and state-wide real estate research sources including Florida's multiple listing services (MLS), Trulia, and Forbes.  All information based on March 2018 reports.