Things to look for in a Dog friendly home

The green areas outside

Does the home have a yard? Just a little bit of a fenced-in grass can be your pup’s paradise. Be sure to check that the HOA allows you to put in a fence tall enough to keep your pooch in.

For Condos do they have a designated area for your pooch to do their business in?

Proximity to play areas and walking Trails

Look for homes within walking distance to trails, open space and dog parks. We need to make sure they are getting the exercise our pooches need.

Your very own pack in the neighborhood

Check out the neighbors’ properties for evidence of other dogs in the neighborhood, like dog toys in yards, dog doors and dog-related bumper stickers on cars.

Go back at the end of a work day and see how many people are out walking their dogs. Maybe bring your pooch along and walk around the area and chat with others to see if this is a fit for you.

Doggy door is this a possibility ???

For those single homes is this an option?

Dog doors offer your pooch (and you) a fabulous taste of freedom. Check whether a home has a convenient place to put one.

Convey your pet-friendly priorities to your agent and he or she will be able to help you hone in a place where your entire family

Keep in mind that your pooch will be living in the home too. They have accidents lust like toddlers.

Wall-to-wall white, plush carpet is not what you’re looking for. Neither are gorgeous softwoods just waiting to be scratched. Look for homes with resilient flooring that’s easily cleaned.

Storage for Your pooch and their belongings.....

Lets look and make sure that you have room to store all those leashes, collars, little sweaters for the chilly days and toys. We all know the toys need their own corner at the end of the day.

You may need an area so if you crate your pooch wile your away and an area for their bed.