The Most Desirable New Home Features For Florida Retirees

Your retirement years should be some the best, easiest, most enjoyable years of your life. One of the best ways to ensure that your retirement is as enjoyable as it should be is to buy a new construction home. Here are some of the biggest trends in new construction homes in Florida, that will make a major impact on your lifestyle as a retiree.

A Convenient Location

Retirement should be a time to relax and enjoy yourself. When deciding on a new home, one of the features you should look for is a convenient location. A new home that is close to shopping, entertainment, medical facilities and other amenities that are important to your lifestyle is something to consider. The house you choose for retirement should make your life easier, not frustrating because it is too far away from anything you enjoy or need.

Plenty Of Lighting

Older Florida homes are notorious for not having enough lighting features. In the past, it was common to build a house with light fixtures only located in the bathroom, kitchen and dining room. All other rooms only had outlets to plug in lamps, including the living room areas. New construction in Florida, however, has stopped this practice and quality builders are making sure that every room in the house has sufficient lighting fixtures. Additionally, newer home designs are also embracing more natural lighting designs that will help residents reduce their electricity use by using more natural light during the daytime hours.

Green Or Eco-Friendly Appliances & Upgrades

Every eco-friendly or energy saving appliance you chose for your home is worth the investment. Some of these appliances, including your central heating and air conditioning units, can see a reduction in overall operating costs by 10, 25 or even 50 percent if you look for the Energy Star rated appliances. This can help you reduce your total monthly costs significantly.

Additional upgrades to your home can also be made that are more environmentally friend as well as being a cost-saving feature. Work closely with your new home builder to discover all of the options available in your new home. Each item that you invest in your home will increase the home's overall value while decreasing your costs and impact on the environment.

Thinking Of Buying New Construction In Florida?

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