Start Fresh. Buy A New Home In Port Charlotte.

Sometimes you just need to get away and start fresh.

Whether you are craving a new career, or the perfect place to retire, Port Charlotte, Florida will fit the bill.

As you start out on this new leg of your life, why not really start fresh in a brand new home?

Here are some clear cut reasons why you would be crazy not to choose a new construction condo in Port Charlotte for this next phase in your life.

You Will Be More Likely To Host Parties

The floor plans for new homes are designed with entertaining in mind. The open floor plans allow for guests to move through the homes easily, and the wide spaces make it possible to invite over more than just a couple of friends.

When you are looking at the floor plans for your new Port Charlotte home, always take into consideration the ability to entertain guests.

Also remember, you now live in Florida, so many people will want to "come down" for a visit.

You Will Have More Peace Of Mind About The Quality Of Your Home

It is not a secret that Florida has the potential each year to be hit by the tropical weather. While many years can pass without a storm ever making landfall, there is always the potential. Since 2004, there have been many new regulations established in the housing industry in Florida. When you purchase a newly built home, you have the peace of mind of knowing that it will meet all of these hurricane compliant guidelines for home construction.

The new hurricane related building codes include roof strength, window design and strength, and how exterior materials are mounted to your home. All of these factors can and will make a dramatic difference if a storm comes through the area.

You Will Have More Money To Spend On Living Your Dream Life

Homeownership of a newly built home is much more inexpensive than that of a previously owned home.

Older homes often have hidden issues that lead to very costly repairs. Pipe problems and roof problems can occur shortly after purchase, and many homeowners find themselves spending all of their retirement making repairs instead of enjoying life. A new home, however, does not present these issues.

Fortunately, if by some unforeseen chance a problem does arise, the home is protected by warranty.

Thinking Of Buying New Construction In Port Charlotte?

Are you ready for a fresh start?

Are you ready to wake up each day feeling as though you are living in a dream?

Port Charlotte is one of the most desirable and beautiful places to live in all of Florida, and it is no wonder why our residents are so proud to call it home. In fact, you will often hear them boasting and bragging that they get to live where the rest of the world dreams of vacationing.

Everything from the weather, to the convenience factor, to the unparallelled beaches make life in Port Charlotte spectacular. However, not all homes here are created equally.

Why live in paradise, without living in a place that truly embodies the sparkle and splendor of the Florida lifestyle? If you truly want to live your dream in a luxury, resort-style community, you must come to our Harborside condos and villas. From the picturesque location, to the five-star amenities, everything at Harborside is first class, and it is just waiting for you to take a tour.