Reasons It Is Cheaper To Live In A New Construction Home In Florida

Are you looking for a new home that will also be friendly on your purse strings?

You might be surprised to know that some of the cheapest types of housing are also the newest and most beautiful.

When you compare buying new construction with an older home, dollar for dollar, new construction is often the less expensive option.

Here are a handful of reasons why living in a new construction home in Florida is the best bet financially. [For more tips like these, follow us on Facebook]

You Get More Bang For Your Buck

It’s true! On average, when you buy a new construction house or condo in Florida, you can get a lot more bang for your buck in terms of amenities and services. While the amenities are a more obvious benefit, don’t discount the luxury of not having to mow your lawn, pull weeds, or clean your pool. Those are all tasks that strip you of hours you could be spending relaxing and having fun in the sun with your friends and loved ones.

You Wont Have So Many Repairs

Repairs are one of the most tedious elements of being a homeowner. If you are not savvy with regular repairs and maintenance to things like your roof, you will be better off financially and practically to live in a new construction community where that will all be taken care of for you.

Condos Are Key To Saving

If you are really in pursuit of the best possible Florida lifestyle that will require the least amount of maintenance and have the least strain on your bank account, a condo is the way to go. While you will be responsible for paying a monthly fee, the amount of services, security, and peace of mind far outweigh those payments.

Thinking About Buying New Construction In Florida?

Life here in the Sunshine State has never been so great!

From the thriving economy to the never-ending list of ways to spend a fun or relaxing day in the sun, it is no wonder why more and more people are flocking to Florida.

If you are ready to grab your own slice of paradise, consider buying a new construction waterfront condo.

Not only are new construction condos one of the safest and healthiest types of housing in Florida, but they also feature the best amenities like pools, spas, fitness centers, private beaches, and dock slips. Amenities like these are what the Florida lifestyle is truly all about!

Port Charlotte is home to Harborside El Jobean Beach & Yacht Club; one of Florida’s newest waterfront condominium and villa communities. You can tour the Harborside condos and villas here.