Ponderings On The Pier

Whether you enjoy the excitement of reeling in that fish, exploring the area for native birds and wildlife, or just the simple joy of boating, the waters of the Charlotte Harbor provide all and in abundance. 

As our northern friends and family battle the harsh winter conditions, we can walk out on our 485' fishing pier every winter morning here at Harborside, and watch the early rays of the sun sparkling off the water. We take in the sounds of the harbor, filled with native birds like the Green Heron, Florida Scrub jay and the Sandhill Crane and other indigenous wildlife.  

One of the amazing aspects of this peaceful enclave is the view of the water and the natural preserve area, circling the harbor. 

The short walk down this pier helps to create a peaceful start to our day, and brings us back to why we chose this area to build your future dream.

We invite you to join us on our next walk, let us show you what we see. We are curious to hear what you "ponder on the pier".

Live Your Dream.

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