Mythbusting: The Truth About New Homes

Are you thinking about buying a home?

You may be debating whether it would be wiser to buy a pre-existing home or new construction. You are not alone! Most people ponder whether new construction is the right choice for them.

However, what you may not realize is that much of the “common knowledge” floating around out there about new construction is closer to fiction than it is fact.

Before you can make a smart choice about whether or not you will love living in a new construction home, you need to have the facts.

In today’s post, we are debunking some of the most common myths about new construction so you can truly make the right move for you and your family.

Myth 1: Large National Builders Are Always Best

When you are selecting a builder, you want to go on more than the fact that they are a nationally known company. Smaller builders often have the advantage of knowing the area better and knowing what materials and what style of homes work best for that area. Smaller builders are also more apt to work closely with you to make sure you get just what you want.

Myth 2: There Is No Reason To Have A Home Inspection

You should always have a home inspection. It does not matter what type of house it is, or how great it looks, you should have a professional inspect the home. Professional home inspections can detect things that are not usually noticed by the average person. They are also trained to find water damage, mold growth and even issues with the foundation of the home.

Myth 3: New Homes Are More Expensive

It may seem, at first, that purchasing a brand new home is more expensive than buying an older home. When you consider the potential for repairs in an older home, the cost for a new home is actually cheaper. Older homes can quickly become "money pits" after you move in and discover a roof leak, bad pipes, or learn that you have to replace your central air conditioning unit.

Myth 4: New Homes Have No Charm Or Character

New homes offer just as much charm as an older home. Furthermore, most new homes are more luxurious than older versions. When a person is looking for charm in a house, they are looking for something that sets it apart from other homes. Having a new home built allows you to create a home just like you want it, charm and all.

Myth 5: You Know Exactly What You Are Getting With An Old Home

In all actuality, you also know exactly what you are getting when you buy a new home. Everything is new and in working order. New homes are fresh and open and in compliance with all regulations and codes. Older homes, however, have the potential to present surprises after they are purchased such as expensive repairs and failure to meet building codes.

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