How To Prepare For Your Inspection And Final Walkthrough For A New Construction Home In Florida

The inspection process and the walkthrough are two of the most important parts of the home buying process. They can also be two of the scariest parts for many buyers because certain things can arise that many buyers don’t understand.

In fact, the inspection and the walkthrough have been known to cause many deals to fall through all together. However, it doesn’t have to be that way at all.

Here is a guide to get you prepared for the inspection and walkthrough of your new construction home so that you can look forward to a smooth and easy closing.

Take Your Time While You Walk Through

In all of your excitement about buying this beautiful new home, it can be easy to rush through your final walkthrough. Be careful not to rush too much. Try to take your time surveying the property for anything that may need attention because once you close, any deficiencies become your responsibility.

Get Everything In Writing

If something is found during either the inspection or the walkthrough that you want fixed, you need to get it in writing from the builder that it will be corrected to your terms. You can’t just take someone’s word that things will be taken care of after the closing. Always get everything in writing.

Give Yourself Enough Time For Corrections

One mistake that many buyers regret is scheduling the inspection and walkthrough too close to the actual closing. By doing this, you leave yourself and everyone else very limited time to make any necessary corrections. You will only cause yourself, and everyone involved, more stress by procrastinating these two essential steps.

Come Prepared With A Checklist

If you are nervous that you will overlook or forget something when you go for your walkthrough, bring a checklist to help you stay on track. Your checklist should include everything from making sure that doors close correctly to the temperature of the water heater. Your Florida real estate agent can also help you with your checklist.

Ask Your Florida Realtor For Help

Do not take it upon yourself to review the inspection and go through the house for the final time. It is always wise to have the extra eyes, ears, and expertise of your Florida real estate agent there to guide you. Any questions or problems that arise are their job to tackle so that you can enjoy peace of mind during this exciting process.

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