How To Buy A Waterfront Home Before The End Of The Year

Navigating the home buying experience is no easy feat, especially if you try to go it alone (never recommended since hiring a Realtor is FREE).

Heck, even if you have purchased real estate in the past, things in this industry are always changing and the best thing you can do is arm yourself with current knowledge about the market and a partner who has your back.

In an effort to help you be prepared for buying a house before the new year, we’ve prepared this guide on buying a waterfront home in 2019.

Get Ready For Some Cut Throat Competition

You may have heard if you spend anytime online looking at real estate that the majority of the country is a seller’s market right now, with very few cities like Port Charlotte, Florida giving buyers any type of leverage. That being said, you need to get ready to roll up your sleeves and get aggressive. Odds are you will end up in a bidding war in most beach towns around the country so go in knowing where the roof of your budget is and where you’re willing to compromise to outshine those other buyers.

Be Smart About What You See Online

As a modern buyer, its safe to say you’re spending a fair amount of time browsing sites like Zillow looking for listings. While that may be par for the course, you do need to be weary of what you read on those sites. These websites are not strict about posting listings so it is possible to get scammed on them. A few red flags that you should look out for include:

  • Too good to be true offers
  • Listings that are asking you for any of your personal information like mother’s maiden name or social security number
  • Listing agents or home sellers that claim to be out of the country on vacation. They’re usually offshore scammers trying to steal your identity or security deposit.

Buy Directly From A Builders Inventory

One of the fastest, easiest, most direct and guaranteed ways to get your hands on a beach house before season of 2020 is to purchase it from a builder. New construction communities, like Harborside in Port Charlotte, offer fantastic deals! In some cases you may need to wait a while to move in if your house needs to be built, but builders often have inventory of some properties available for move-in right away.

Consider Alternative Financing Options

The financing is usually one of the biggest things holding people back from buying a house. Unfortunately, many don’t realize that they actually do have the funds or ability to get a mortgage to be able to buy the beach home of their dreams. So before you decide that buying a home by the beach in 2019 isn’t a possibility for you, talk to a Realtor to find out if you qualify.

Thinking About Buying A Waterfront Home This Year?

If you are like most people, you want to buy a waterfront property in an area that will be convenient, enjoyable, and financially sound. Which is why you should set your snowbird sights on Port Charlotte, Florida.

Currently, Port Charlotte is home to Harborside, one of Florida’s most desirable new luxury communities which is situated on its own private beach.

Not only is Harborside a stunning waterfront community, but it features a long list of modern amenities including a pool, spa, fitness facility, private beach, and dock so you can bring your boat. Plus, each of the condos and villas that are still available are competitively priced, making them attainable for millennials, snowbirds, and families!

Click here for more information about the new construction condos and villas still available in Harborside, or to schedule your private tour.