How Buying Waterfront Real Estate In Florida Will Improve Your Entire Life

There is no more desirable real estate in Florida than waterfront.

Being able to wake up each morning and sip your coffee while watching the waves crash in on the beach is invaluable.

Being able to return home every evening to enjoy dinner over world class sunsets is undeniably fantastic.

And let’s not forget that having the water just steps away from your door for swimming, fishing, and boating is truly the epitome of living the good life.

Yet, living along the water means so much more than being the envy of all your friends. It also means being healthier!

In today’s post, we are sharing four reasons why waterfront homes are better for your health. [For more tips like these, follow us on Facebook]

The Air Quality

The salty air here in Florida doesn't just smell great; it actually provides several health perks too. According to the Lung Institute, the air in areas closer to salt water has been useful in treating a variety of medical conditions including COPD, as well as, pulmonary fibrosis. Many people also attribute better sleeping habits to the sweet, salty air.

The Active Lifestyle

Everyone knows that leading an active life is imperative to your overall health. When you live along the waterfront, it is much easier to have a more active lifestyle. Exercise on the beach can be as simple as enjoying peaceful strolls during the sunset or as intense as a water-skiing. Oh, and if you are looking for a serene place to practice yoga or meditation, you will be hard-pressed to find one better than the waterfront.

The Peace and Tranquility

Many studies have outlined severe negative impacts that stress can take on both your physical and mental health. Worry not when you live on the water because it is supremely relaxing and peaceful. This is where you come to feel your stress melt away and with it many medical ailments.

The Good Company

One thing you can always count on when you live here in happy, sunny Florida is that you will be surrounded by friendly, upbeat people. Having regular positive socialization has also been shown to be beneficial to your health in numerous studies

Want To Live A Happier, Healthier Life On The Water?

Life here in the Sunshine State has never been so great!

From the thriving economy to the never-ending list of ways to spend a fun or relaxing day in the sun, it is no wonder why more and more people are flocking to Florida.

If you are ready to grab your own slice of paradise, consider buying a new construction waterfront condo.

Not only are new construction condos one of the safest and healthiest types of housing in Florida, but they also feature the best amenities like pools, spas, fitness centers, private beaches, and dock slips. Amenities like these are what the Florida lifestyle is truly all about!

Port Charlotte is home to Harborside El Jobean Beach & Yacht Club; one of Florida’s newest waterfront condominium and villa communities. You can tour the Harborside condos and villas here.