How Buying A New Construction Condo In Port Charlotte Can Reduce Your Costs Of Living

The costs of living are back on the rise, leaving you with less and less money for getting out and actually enjoying your life.

Usually, when financial advisers talk about cutting your monthly expenses they tell you to stop eating out or quit those daily trips to Starbucks. While those tactics can certainly cut your costs, they are more like a drop in the bucket. Not to mention, they make you give up the things you love to raise your bank balance.

Wouldn’t you rather make one or two changes, not sacrifices, in order to save yourself thousands instead of a couple hundred dollars across the course of the year?

In today’s article, you’re going to learn how buying a new construction condo in Port Charlotte can not only reduce your costs of living but improve your quality of life too!

Maintenance Costs

There's nothing like a leaky roof or dead lawn to throw a monkey wrench into your monthly budget. Whether it be major home repairs like these, or frequent upkeep repairs to your home can have a significant impact on your finances. When you buy a new construction condo, you rarely have to worry about such things. On one hand, the new construction quality will protect you from the need of immediate repairs after you purchase the property. On the other hand, major expenses like a roof repair will be handled by the homeowner’s association, alleviating you of that burden.

Energy Efficiency

We are more aware than ever of the impact of our carbon footprints on this planet. In addition to being more environmentally conscious, energy efficient upgrades, like the ones that you find in a new construction condo can save you money on your utilities and often your taxes as well. Furthermore, many of these upgrades serve to make your life easier all the way around by incorporating technology.

Convenient Location

When a builder is preparing to start a new project, they put a lot of thought and research into the site that they select. They aim to build on land that is equal parts beautiful and convenient to the people they plan to sell to. This also ensure that the value of the land and the condos themselves are likely to appreciate in value. By purchasing a new construction condo, you’re practically guaranteed to be centrally located to everything you need, saving you time, money, and gas.

Thinking Of Buying A Second Home To Escape Those Harsh Winters?

If you are like most people, the temptation to escape the winters and relax on the beach while your friends shovel snow is too hard to resist.

We can’t blame you!

If you are like most people, you want to buy a property in an area that will be convenient, enjoyable, and financially sound. Which is why you should set your snowbird sights on Port Charlotte, Florida.

Currently, Port Charlotte is home to Harborside, one of Florida’s most desirable new luxury communities which is situated on its own private beach.

Not only is Harborside a stunning waterfront community, but it features a long list of modern amenities including a pool, spa, fitness facility, private beach, and dock so you can bring your boat. Plus, each of the condos and villas that are still available are competitively priced, making them attainable for millennials, snowbirds, and families!

Click here for more information about the new construction condos and villas still available in Harborside, or to schedule your private tour.