Health Benefits Of Waterfront Living In Port Charlotte

Living on the water is a dream come true for most people. Being able to wake up each morning and sip your coffee while watching the gentle tides roll in and enjoying evening strolls down the beach at sunset are just two of the many reasons why waterfront living is so desirable.

But did you know that there are also a lot of health benefits to waterfront living in beach towns like Port Charlotte?

That’s right, making the move to a waterfront property here in Port Charlotte could have a severe impact on your overall health. Here’s how:

Calm & Soothing Atmosphere

One of the best things about waterfront living in Port Charlotte is that you will get to indulge in the peaceful and soothing atmosphere. From the white noise of the waves to the refreshing aroma of the saltwater air, you will instantly feel yourself at ease once you live on the Port Charlotte waterfront.

Many studies have detailed the negative impacts that stress can take on a person’s physical and mental health. Luckily, waterfront living in Port Charlotte is exceptionally relaxing and peaceful which goes a long way to reduce or eliminate stress.

From the sound of the water to the refreshing aroma of the saltwater air, it is nearly impossible not to feel at ease when you are here. Just Imagine returning home each day to let your stress melt away as you look out onto the gulf and feel the gentle sea breeze.

The Air Quality Is Better

The salty air here in Florida doesn't just smell great; it offers a variety of health benefits. According to the Lung Institute, salt water air has been useful in treating a variety of medical conditions including pulmonary fibrosis and COPD. Many people also claim that they can sleep much more soundly near the ocean.

Stunning Florida Gulf Views

Once you catch your first sunset here, no other will ever be able to compare. Our views of the gulf are second to none, and they promise to take your breath away every single day. Yes, there is something to be said for being surrounded by nature’s beauty every direction that you look. Even traffic jams are soothing when you have your windows rolled down, the salt air blowing through your hair, and the Florida sun warming your skin.

Easy Access To Fun Activities

Not enough can be said for the endless list of fun activities available for people of all ages here in Port Charlotte. The beach is, of course, a no-brainer. However, beyond the beach, we are surrounded by museums, theaters, amusement park attractions, parks & zoos, and so much more. With so much more development in the works, you will never have the chance be bored living here.

More Opportunities To Exercise

When you live on the beach, you are much more likely to engage in a more active lifestyle, regardless of your ability. Exercise on the beach can be as simple as enjoying quiet strolls along the sparkling shoreline or as intense as a rousing game of beach volleyball. Of course, don’t forget about the beach yoga classes and therapeutic swims in the gulf.

Thinking Of Buying A Waterfront New Construction Home In Port Charlotte?

You can never take your health for granted. The more that you invest into creating a healthy lifestyle for yourself, the of your life you will be able to enjoy.

We consider ourselves very lucky to live on the water in Port Charlotte. Not just because it is fun; but because it is actually beneficial to our health.

Port Charlotte is one of the most desirable and beautiful places to live in all of Florida, and it is no wonder why our residents are so proud to call it home. In fact, you will often hear them boasting and bragging that they get to live where the rest of the world dreams of vacationing.

Everything from the weather, to the convenience factor, to the unparallelled beaches make life in Port Charlotte spectacular. However, not all homes here are created equally.

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