The 485' Journey To A Perfect Preserve View

"As you take that first step onto the fishing pier, the sub-tropical breezes flow across your face, cleansing away the cares of the day..."   

Oh what a luxury it is to be on the sparkling water in the middle of March, with the chilling biting cold absent from the air. The sun is shining overhead, hardly a cloud in the sky, the temperature a balmy 71 degrees, shaping up nicely. This is what true waterfront living should be, the carefree simplicity of letting the day evolve, naturally. 

As I continue my 485' journey, the boats start to come into my view, making their way across the mouth of the river and into the Charlotte Harbor; their bait buckets as full as their hopes of a great haul. The winds are with them today and I tip my chin up to them in a silent salute of good luck. 

Walking along the pier, breathing in the fresh air really does give one a clear head and a brighter outlook. My friends back in Ohio are still battling the snow, lamenting their decision not to join me in Southwest Florida. 

With the fishing pier completed, the sales center opening in a few short weeks, and construction starting in Spring on the beautiful villas, there is a distinct air of excitement here. 

Come visit for yourself, and see what we see, feel the breeze in your hair, and the sun on your face. Our sales team is ready to help you "Live Harborside"! Contact our Sales Team at 941-421-0620 to set up your tour today.

Let us take you on a short aerial tour of the Pier and Charlotte Harbor - the water is beautiful!