July 28, 2020

Safeguarding Your Home for Hurricane Season

It's officially hurricane season, and if you are looking for hassle free safe living our community has that to offer. Our Harborside Beach & Yacht Club community is built to with stand hurricanes plus you don't have to prep the outside--we do.

If your house is in the line of fire, you'll want to start safeguarding your property before it's too late. You should:

  • Install a power surge protector in your electrical panel.
  • Stock up on plywood to block windows before a storm.
  • Invest in an air conditioning cover to protect it from flying debris.
  • Clear your yard of loose items and furniture that could become dangerous in high winds.
  • Inquire about hurricane or flood insurance.
  • Trim trees and low-hanging branches.

You will also want to keep your gutters clean for the entire season. This will keep water from collecting around your home and flooding your property

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