2020 Color Collection of the year for your Home Interior

In 2020, we are continuing our journey to finding a life full of happiness and fulfillment. We strive for balance, knowing that self care is the key to a life well lived. Home is where we choose to restore ourselves, where we are safe, comfortable and free to create a life that is Simply Blissful.

Romance Romance

A posh blush pink, Romance captures the balance of optimism and calmness we desire at home. The colorful neutral (with a touch of apricot) creates the perfect backdrop to glam accessories and artwork for maturity and sophistication

Coral Reef Coral Reef

Mint To Be Mint To Be

Minty blues and playful corals strike a delightfully optimistic note. The soothing qualities of Mint To Be beautifully balance the energetic nature of Coral Reef while Fundamental White keeps things light and airy.

Restful Restful

Gristmill Greige Gristmill Greige

Restful greens and decadent blues pair with lush, velvety fabrics and gold details to make a cozy night at home feel like a private retreat. Touches of vibrant coral lend a happy vibe to this relaxing space.

Finian Blue Finian Blue

Blue Endeavour Blue Endeavour

Decadent jewel-toned blues and nostalgic neutrals get a modern twist with the romantic nuances of blush pink and gold accents. The perfect getaway from a busy life.